Does cable advertising work? You’re running a tight ship. The money you put into the marketing of your business needs to come back, and then some. ROI is more than important, its required for most small and medium-sized businesses. We under stand that at Cable Advertising Group, and do every thing we can to make that a reality.

Q: How can we make cable advertising work for you? 

A: Strategy. 

We have been putting together cable advertising campaigns for years.

We know what people are watching and where.

We match this information to the target audience you need to attract and focus on airing your commercial in these places. It sounds simple, but it takes time and knowledge to do it right.

A successful cable advertising campaign is made up of two key ingredients:

  • A sold strategic schedule of airings.
  • A compelling and strong TV commercial.

Sure, anyone can sell you “cheap tv ads”, or “get you on the air”. But neither of these approaches will likely produce¬†results (especially if there is no strategy involved).

We can help you find low-priced cable air times in any city or state in the nation, and put together a compelling and strong cable TV commercial to get your message across.

You can also use the commercial we create on social media, your website, at trade shows and anywhere you can display video. You own it. We don’t nickel and dime you with added fees for every place you put your commercial. Once you pay for, it – it is yours!

If you would like to explore what a cable advertising campaign would look like for business, give us a call direct at (231)468-9972. Or fill out the form below and we will get back with you right away to answer your questions and get you a plan!